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Picture of Umer Brown

Umer Brown


I’m Umer Brown, the founder of WarnockAuto.com and an automotive expert. My goal with this website is to make people's lives easier when it comes to their cars. WarnockAuto offers in-depth assessments of automobiles, automotive culture, and reviews, to help people with a better car lifestyle.

Picture of Elena Garcia

Elena Garcia

Editor / Assistant

Elena is the mother of two and has been a car enthusiast for a long time. She became my friend while working in the same automobile news agency. She’s passionate about cars and everything about cars. She dreams of driving a classic muscle car on Route 66.

Picture of Maggie Clemens

Maggie Clemens

Editor / Assistant

Maggie is a travel expert and enjoys a nomad life. Her passion for cars drives her personality. She has driven a Motorhome with her family across the country. She uses her free time to assist our website with various tasks.

Picture of Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Co-founder / Writer

Mark Smith is the co-founder of WarnockAuto.com. He’s a reporter for an automobile news agency and a travel enthusiast. His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work with Fortune 500 companies. Mark’s philosophy of life is to “make improvements, not excuses”. He loves to travel, and write.