Apeman Dash Cam Review

Apeman Dash Cam Review

Whether you are buying a camera on the hiking trail, for your bike, or home security, APEMAN has you covered. They produce a variety of high-quality cameras for a wide range of needs. When they aren’t protecting your home, they would be happy to protect your car.

Apeman has a good selection of dashboard cameras for you. Similar to the way you would install a simple home security system, Apeman combines quality and simplicity in a robust package. With this in mind, here is our Apeman dash cam review.

How We Picked The Best Apeman Dash Cam

Our Apeman dash camera reviews will be considering the following features.

  • Quality of Video
  • Ease of Use and Installation
  • Park Monitoring
  • Cost
  • Storage Capacity
  • Alternate Video Features

The biggest concern on any camera is the quality of the video. You will not get far without being able to see everything you can during an accident. It will be closely associated with different video features. It can include the quality of night vision cameras and the wideness of the camera.

Given that everyone does not have technical aptitude, these will also see ratings on ease of use and installation. The easier it is to handle, the better it will fare on this list. The ease of use will have some linkage with storage capacity. The more storage you have, the less time you have to spend managing your space.

Finally, we will be looking at its longevity in monitoring you while it is parked. Park monitoring will also be concerned with the amount of battery drain one can expect from this. If you need a jump from your car insurance company each week, you won’t find this camera very useful. Cost, our final attribute, is pretty self-explanatory.

Best Overall: APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder

  • 1080p dashcam that covers 170 degrees of recording
  • G-sensor with lock recording that prevents the information from being overwritten.
  • Easy to install with suction cup
  • Has motion sensing and night vision capabilities
  • Up to 64 GB of storage capacity

The best overall on our list is the APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder. It is related to a combination of the quality of video and the features of the camera. All of this is in a very cost-affordable package.

It covers a wide swath of the camera room at many angles. Nobody is going to be able to sneak around this camera. If they try doing it during the night, the attached night vision camera will catch them at this as well. It even has motion-sensing capabilities.

It is incredibly easy to install with a suction cup that rotates in 360 degrees. Other dash cameras require you to hook them up to the electric systems. The APEMAN FHD recorder has an independent battery supply. However, there are a small number of customers who have stated it will randomly turn off.

It has a 64 GB capacity. It may seem to run out quickly, but the loop recording will continuously overwrite the data in it. It does have lock recording, meaning that accidents will remain until you remove them personally. It has a g-sensor to catch when an accident has occurred.

Runner-Up: APEMAN 1440P&1080P Dual Dash Cam

  • 1440p camera up front with 1080p in back
  • Supports up to 128 GB micro sd card
  • 360-degree suction cup installation
  • Built-in G sensor and accident lock
  • 170-degree wide-angle camera

As the highest quality camera on this list, the APEMAN 1440P & 1080P Dual Dash Cam makes for a formidable tool. All of this is in just a simple package that APEMAN excels at doing. Take it out of the box, stick it to the window, and plug in the power cord.

Much like the other high-quality products, it has a built-in g sensor and accident lock for when it scans motion consistent with an accident. It has a more considerable amount of space for video feed, meaning that it will have more video to use.

Some customers have stated their concerns about the low battery and the sensitive USB cables. You will have to be sure that the placement of the USB cables is distant from passengers and drivers. In any case, it is a very solvable issue.

If you do not mind the extra cords, it is an excellent addition that is comparable to any dashcam on the market. If you are seeking something for the front and back, this camera will beat almost all cameras on the market.

Best Budget Pick: APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Dash Camera

  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • 1080p video with 170 degrees of recording
  • G-sensor starts recording when it detects shakes
  • The same easy to set up a suction cup system
  • Up to 32 GB of space supported

If you are on a budget, the APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Dash Camera is the easy winner. It is one of the lowest cost item on the APEMAN list of products. It manages to retain the low cost while only sacrificing a small number of features.

Surprisingly, one of the features it does not sacrifice is the high-quality 1080p camera. It also manages to keep the 170 degrees of camera view. APEMAN is a company that knows what is most important, and that includes seeing everything.

There are some complaints that the cyclic recording does not function. Also, some customers have had issues retaining power. These seem to be pretty few, but their customer service department has addressed many of these concerns based on reviews.

As the least expensive item on this list, you would expect to lose a lot more. While there are some evident sacrifices, APEMAN knows where those sacrifices need to be so that they may keep a high-quality product.

APEMAN Dash Cam, Front and Rear Camera

  • A 1080p front camera at 170 degrees and a 720p rear camera that records at 130 degrees
  • 32 GB sd card
  • A simple installation process that sticks to the window
  • Includes parking monitoring
  • Has the option to add a GPS

As the least expensive dual-camera system, APEMAN has created a powerful third option to pick. The front camera is that 1080p of quality while the rear is an ample 720p. Each of them will record at a reasonably wide-angle.

APEMAN continues to press simplicity with something that sticks to your window. It even has the option of a GPS if you are willing to pay out additional money. It does come with the essential features that include a g-sensor and parking monitoring.

A few customers have noted that this camera has issues with locked videos saving correctly. Others have had experiences with needing to reformat the SD card. If you run into any technical problems, be sure to reach out to customer service.

APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera with 3” LCD Screen

  • 1080P screen you can see on a 3-inch LCD
  • Easy to install suction cup system
  • Seamless loop recording with accident lock
  • Motion sensing and night vision
  • 32 GB of space

The final item on our list is also incredibly cost-effective. With this in mind, it still manages to keep the staples that we know about APEMAN. It has a 1080P screen that is viewable on a small LCD. It also records at a 170-degree angle.

It has a seamless loop recording with an accident lock that occurs if the camera shakes too much. It also has motion sensing and night vision, which comes with a variety of these products.

It is incredibly easy to install with a 360-degree suction cup system. It does have 32 GB of space for your SD card, but it will need to be reformatted every 15 days.

There is one instance of the camera melting, but the customer service team responded directly to this issue. Others have cited adhesive concerns with the plastic protectant. APEMAN has addressed many of these concerns directly on the Amazon comment section, which you can see by scrolling.

What Video Quality Do I Need For a Dash Cam?

Today, we reviewed products that have camera qualities ranging from 720p to 1440p. So out of these (and more) options, what is the best video camera that you can get? What is too little or too much? We answer those questions below.


The best example of this video is from the old days of YouTube. If you look up a 240p video today, it is not high-quality enough to gather the information you need. You will barely be able to define who is at fault.


The next level of video is not considered high-definition. It is good enough to see vague shapes of numbers, but usually not enough to see a license plate at any distance. It is certainly good enough to define who is at fault, but not good enough to determine who is in the car.


The last level before HD is a sensible quality that significant websites, like YouTube, use to this day. If you watch a video from this quality, it will not feel like you are watching someone smear oatmeal across the screen. It has a lot more viewing power than 480p.

Only the rear-facing camera that is fourth on our list has a 720p camera

1080p and 1440p (HD)

If you know anything about the resolution on your television, you will realize that both of these settings are to indicate high-quality video. It is the bare minimum for quality in the modern world. It is an excellent medium to view your dash in, as it will reveal license plates and incidents with great clarity. All of the cameras we feature have a 1080p in some capacity.

Eventually, one can expect 4K dashcams will become a regular staple. However, the quality they bring is limited to films at this point.

Features to Look For in The Best Dash Cams

Below is a list of features to look for in the best dash cams. These features are commonly available on almost all APEMAN products.

Night Vision

Night vision cameras will typically bump up the sensitivity of the camera to light. When the lens seeks out more light, the picture can get a bit more grainy. The result is seeing much more content during the dark while sacrificing some picture quality.

Motion Detection

A camera that has motion detection in the case of a dashcam is one that has a sensitivity to being shaken. Typically, the piece of footage that occurs while the camera is shaken locks into place. It is for detecting accidents while ensuring that the video footage near an accident remains

It is otherwise known as a G-sensor.

WDR Technology

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range. When a camera has this, it means that it has built-in balancing for the brightest days and the darkest nights. Turning it on should dim some of the most vivid settings.


The only product we have with GPS is the “front and rear camera.” The GPS has to be purchased separately, as it requires an antenna. It is excellent for those who do not already have a mount for their smartphone.

Parking Monitor

A parking monitor will turn your camera into a surveillance device while it is parked. Because cameras do not tend to be jerked around during this period, it is just a continuous recording.

Memory Capacity

It is more useful for those who emphasize the use of the parking monitor, which has an extended period of uncontained footage. The more memory you have, the more video will be able to fit. Many APEMAN cameras are up to 64 GB.

Dual Lenses

Many of the products we feature have a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera. These two cameras are dual lenses. These can be incredibly useful, as they record from both the front or the back. Your other option could be to buy two cameras.

A Built-in Screen

The last option we reviewed includes a built-in LCD screen. It allows you to review the footage without transferring the memory card to another device. It is incredibly useful when filing police reports, as you can show cops real-time evidence. However, most smartphones have a micro SD card slot for this situation.

Wide Angle Cameras

Except for the fourth option’s rear-facing camera, all of the cameras we feature have 170 degrees of viewing space. It allows a wide-screen viewing portal, which gives you a more significant potential spot to collect evidence. There is always a chance that smaller views will result in you missing a crucial piece of camera evidence.


APEMAN is a high-quality producer of cameras that can are for a variety of different areas. Whether your emphasis is on home security, trails cameras, or bike-mounted cameras, you can find something for you. In our case, we were looking for dash-mounted cameras.

Regardless of which product you pick, video quality is the highest emphasis that APEMAN prioritizes. You can see it, given that the lowest-quality camera is a rear-facing camera at 720p. Everything else sits at 1080p. With this in mind, our favorite camera is the APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder in this APEMAN dash cam review.

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