Best 5 Point Harness Booster Seat

Best 5 Point Harness Booster Seat


Whether you’re driving with your kids on a vacation across the country or taking them to schools, you need to make sure that they are secure and safe on their seats. When your little munchkin outgrows that standard height and weight for the car seats, you need to start using those booster seats that are specifically designed for kids.

Now choosing the right type of booster seat is a matter of comfort level and security of your kid to enjoy the ride. There are different kinds of booster seats available on the market. Buying the best 5 point harness booster seat for your little one is an overwhelming task.

We’ll show you what to look for when buying such a seat for the little traveller to make an informed decision.

Quick Summary

Best Overall: Safety 1ˢᵗ Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

The Grow and Go convertible seat by Safety 1st is a superb 5 point harness booster seat that you can find for your little pumpkin. It is available in 12 different colors and the company has made it for an extended period as your kid grows. With rear-facing, its capacity is 5 to 40 pounds and with forward-facing its 22 to 65 pounds.

When you use its belt-positioning, the capacity goes up to 100 pounds. It also comes with side-impact safety. The harness holders allow you to get your kids in and out of the seat comfortably. You can also make quick adjustments to the harness as well as the headrest in a single step.

Runner-up: Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

Available in 3 different colors, the Graco Tranzitions is a 3-in-1 seat that will keep your child safe. Moreover, you can use it from his/her toddler stage to formative years with convenience. With the harness booster, the weight range is 22 pounds to 65 pounds. When you use it as a high back booster the weight range increases from 30 pounds to 100 pounds.

With the backless booster, the weight range is around 40 pounds to 100 pounds. Its harness system is extremely safe to adjust. There are eight different height adjustments and you don’t need to do any rethreading. Graco has engineered to meet all the road requirements and it will fit your car seat very well to keep your kid safe at all times.

Best Budget Pick: Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster

The Chase Evenflo is a 2-in-1 harness booster seat available at an affordable price. The max load capacity of this seat ranges from 22 lbs to 110 lbs. It is one of the best options for you if you are looking for a lightweight booster seat for your vehicle. Besides, it is convenient to install and clean.

Just make sure that you don’t use any abrasive materials or solvent to clean it. The company has tested its resilience for side-impact as well as the overall integrity of the structure. There are integrated cup holders that keep all the drinks accessible to your little one.

Who Should Get This?

You need to buy the right kind of seat that your kids can use and feel secure. Since kids have smaller bodies than adults, therefore, a seat that is designed for them needs to come with different kinds of adjustment options. Here are several types of people who might need these harness booster:

People who have children with growing age – Kids continue to grow with time, and their weight and height increase, so a seat needs to adjust automatically to their altering body attribute. This is where a harness booster seat comes in to play its role. Such a seat is a great choice for their growing age.

Frequent traveler – If you travel a lot with your kids then you need to buy a 5 point harness booster seat for sure. Now by traveling we are not only referring to go on vacation but any travel or journey is included.

Drop off and pick up from school – If you are taking your kids to schools or getting them back home, taking them to Funland or groceries on the weekend or anything else.

Those who take kids with them when they go outside – If you have kids and you use a car to drive with them for any purposes then you need to have a booster seat.

How We Picked the Best 5 Point Harness Booster Seat?

There are various factors to consider when buying a good quality harness booster seat. As there are different kinds and styles of these seats available on the market, choosing the right one can be very troublesome.

Here we have highlighted all the important points that you must take into account when buying these seats.


The primary factor to take into account is the comfort level that a booster seat has to offer. There should be plenty of padding present throughout the seat.

The foam used in the construction of these seats needs to be durable and easily conform according to the body shape and structure of your kid. Moreover, the harnesses available on the seat should be very easy to adjust. The headrest along with the armrest and the back needs to have a lot of padding.


The next important feature of these booster seats is safety. Of course, you are going to use it in your vehicle, therefore, it needs to meet safety criteria.

The Standards of Federal Motor Vehicle Authority guide us about these rules and most of the models that you can find meet those standards. Hence, you can consider these as the must-have features for your booster seat. Some also crash-test their seats to ensure industry standards.


As your kid grows, you need to go for a booster seat that should grow with them. In such a scenario, you need to buy seats that come with different harness points and modes. For instance, a seat needs to have a removable backrest option which is useful when the child is small.

You can make adjustments to the backrest according to the growth of your child. The weight and height limits need to be considered as well according to the child’s age.

Cleaning and maintenance

Another key factor to keep in mind is cleaning and maintenance. Wherever your kids are, messes are going to happen no matter how much you avoid them. Therefore, any spills need to be cleaned and you will get the job done comfortably from all those plastic and metal components of your booster seat.

But for the fabric, you should consider a washable option so that you can take it off from the seat and clean it up for a fresh new look.


Go for a harness booster seat that is effortless to install. If it takes a lot of time to set up then you’ll be in huge trouble. It needs to provide you with full adjustability options.

You also need to make adjustments according to the weight and height of your kid. The design needs to be simple and it should be compatible with the car’s seat. You will be able to save a lot of time especially if you travel a lot with your kids.


Make sure that you choose a product that only features high-quality materials. Of course, your kid is going to sit in it, therefore, you need to be certain that no sharp edges are coming out from anywhere. The seat needs to be extremely comfortable and your kid should be happy to sit in it.

If s/he is not happy to spend time in it, then it’s time to change your booster seat. All materials used in the construction should be of great quality, the foam padding, the metal, and a plastic frame, everything ought to be smoothly designed to prevent any irritation or injury.

Best 5 Point Harness Booster Seat: Our Picks in 2020

Safety 1ˢᵗ Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat – Best Overall

The Grow and Go booster seat by Safety 1st comes in 12 different colors and it is the best 5 point harness booster seat that you can find on the market. It is very easy to adjust and also comes with a good weight capacity. This seat will grow with your little one and you can conveniently use it as long as your kid weighs not more than 100 pounds.

The seat comes with side impact protection and as it has its harness holders held back you can conveniently get your child in and out of the seat. It also comes with an instant fit and adjustable options to make your child comfortable.

You can conveniently adjust it in three different positions according to the age of your kid. The rear-facing and front-facing come with a weight capacity that ranges from 5 pounds to 40 pounds.


  • Diversified ways to use the seat.
  • Different weight ranges.
  • Grows with your kid.
  • Straightforward to use and handle.
  • Useful harness holders.


  • It is not crash tested.

Graco TranzitionsGraco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat – Runner-Up

The runner-up with a very close margin is, “Graco Tranzitions.” It also comes with three different weight capacities and you can use it in three different ways as well. There is a harness booster and its weight capacity ranges from 22 pounds to 65 pounds. The high back booster comes with a weight capacity ranges from 30 pounds to 100 pounds. While the backless booster capacity can go up to 100 pounds.

Its harness system is easy to adjust in just a single motion. There are five different head adjustments as well. This seat is designed to provide your little one a very comfortable ride no matter how long it is.

If you are interested in buying a booster seat that is crash test verified, “Graco Tranzitions” is the right option for you. It meets all the requirements set by the US FMVSS-213 standard. The company has also side-impact tested it for the safety of its occupant with very good results.

It is one of the best choices for you to consider when it comes to installing because with the open loops the seat stays in its position on your car seat and keeps your kid’s safety. Body support as well as back support is there. Cleaning of all the covers is a breeze.


  • Comes with double cup holders.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Most parts are machine washable.
  • Open-loop guides the belt.
  • Crash tested for resilience and durability.


  • Its seat buckle is very short in length.

Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster – Best for Budget

Here is a good choice of a booster heat if you are looking for a budget option. It comes with a max load capacity that ranges between 22 lbs and 110 lbs. So you can conveniently use it for an extended period.

There are latch systems present on this booster seat and it becomes easy to install. You can use it in multiple vehicles. It has been tested for elasticity and strength in terms of side impact along with structural integrity.

The covers are very convenient to clean. Just make sure that you don’t use any abrasive or volatile chemicals to clean them. The seat also comes equipped with cup holders that keep various drinks close to your kid.

It is available in four different colors and features a front harness seat adjustment along with other harness points. With different harness points in access, it can conveniently accommodate kids of different weights and heights.


  • Removable pads and pillows.
  • Machine washable pillows and pads.
  • Tested for side impact.
  • Easy vehicle seat buckling.
  • Four different harness points.
  • Available in four different colors.


  • There is not much padding on this seat.

Britax Grow with You Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Best for Premium Quality

If you are interested in buying a booster seat that comes in different colors and designs then you need to choose Britax. You can conveniently convert it from harness into booster mode to conveniently use it for an extended period as your kid grows.

Britax has used high-quality materials in the construction of these seats. There is enough padding for your kid to safely and comfortably take a nap. The harness strap doesn’t rub against the neck of your child for added comfort. There are two different layers for wide impact resistance and impact-resisting base.

The seat features safe cell technology by Britax, which is designed to absorb any energy that occurs due to a crash. The seat also features a high-quality steel frame that stabilizes the overall construction of your seat. All the latch connections are simple and secure to install.

The seat also features a removable cover. The harness and the headrest come with nine different adjustments. Furthermore, this booster seat features a couple of reclining positions for added comfort and relaxation of your kid.


  • Quick push connectors for latches.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Nine different adjustments for headrest and harness.
  • High quality steel frame.
  • Safe cell technology.
  • Side impact protection.


  • The headrest is quite flimsy.

Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat – Best for Reclining Feature

If you are after the looks in addition to the performance and reliability of a booster seat then choose the Chicco MyFit. It is available in three different color schemes and it looks very elegant.

You can conveniently convert it from a harness seat to a belt-positioning one and it comes with side impact resistance as well. There is plenty of torso and head protection present on this seat that also features a steel-reinforced frame.

This seat comes with four different reclining positions and indeed the best in this category. Apart from that, nine different headrest positions are available. It contours well according to the body shape of your kid and keeps his/her back in its natural position.

The latch connectors are made of high-quality materials and they are comfortable to use. The cup holders on this seat are dishwasher safe too.


  • Two layers of protection (energy-absorbing foam and deep rigid shell).
  • Nine different adjustable positions for the headrest.
  • Excellent support and comfort with ErgoBoost comfort.
  • Secure locking mechanism.
  • Easy to wash and maintain the fabric.
  • Highly breathable backrest.


  • It’s pretty heavy.

KidsEmbrace Batman Booster Seat – Best Kids-Friendly Design

Your kid will love the printing of his favorite cartoon character on the seat. Pictures of Batman, Superman, and Batgirl are printed on the seat and they look pretty awesome.

The seat comes with a 5-point harness system. There are two position points for each shoulder and two for both hips. The fifth one goes right between the legs to keep your kid comfortable and safe.

You can choose three different harness points according to the age of your child and choose the different modes according to the weight of your kid. For instance, the forward-facing position is best suited for kids that weigh between 22 pounds and 65 pounds. The belt-positioning is better suited for kids weighing 30 pounds to 100 pounds.

The seat comes with EPS foam for shock absorption and it also meets the standard set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Authority. The seat is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Available in three different designs.
  • Two different modes and three harness positions.
  • Certified for quality performance and safety. Impact resisting EPS foam.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Detachable cape
  • 2 cup holds and adjustable headrest.


  • There is a slightly tingly plastic smell.

The Conclusion for You – Best 5 Point Harness Booster Seat

The best 5 point harness booster seat for you to choose is the Safety 1ˢᵗ Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat with a close runner up being the Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat. The seat is available in twelve different colors and you can use it in three different positions. This seat comes with side impact protection and it is not difficult to install and use.

You can also make adjustments to the harness and the headrest with comfort. This seat is designed to grow with your kid and it will remain a viable option to use for your kid till s/he weighs 100 pounds.

A booster seat is a great option for you to use if you travel a lot with your kid. You can be 100% sure that your kids in the rear seat are comfortable and secure with these booster seats. Some of them come with different designs and features and you can continue to use them at various stages of your little one. So these booster seats are worth every penny.

Well…! which one of these are you going to consider for your next road trip with your kids? Do you have any other recommendations or suggestions for us? Leave your views in the comment section below!

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