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Best Mirror Cam


  • VanTop H610 10” 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam is an impressive mirror cam that comes with the best basic features such as excellent image and video quality and new technology features that have not been seen before in any brand. The package is simply irresistible!
  • TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear with Waterproof Backup Camera comes second to VonTop, offering a more sleek design but not great video and image quality.
  • If you are in the market for the best budget cam, then DualDuBell 7” Backup camera with external GPS is your best option. The unit comes with several premium features that you will enjoy to use.

Who Should Get This?

      • People looking for ways to improve their car security-dash cam when installed will give the car owner peace of mind whenever they leave it anywhere.
      • Those looking for means to keep records of events on the road while driving– also known as a dashcam, the mirror cam sit on top of the dashboard and files every happening. Such footage may serve as evidence in case of an accident.
      • Dashcams make it possible for those who love adventure to record their road trips– this makes it possible for them to share their experiences with their loved ones or watch it later on.
      • Individuals who need help when parking-dash cams come in handy for drivers, especially beginners who might scratch other vehicles as they struggle to park properly. This device helps prevent parking accidents.

How we picked the Best Mirror Cam?

Here are the main features we considered when choosing the best mirror cams in 2020:

1. Resolution

Resolution is the primary factor we looked into when choosing the best mirror cams. Dashboard cams resolutions differ widely. A dashcam with high resolution provides clearer images and videos. We reviewed cams with a resolution of at least 1080p for the front camera and about 480p for the rear camera.

2. Loop recording

We looked into mirror cams that boast loop recording to ensure enough storage for the dashcam. This feature ensures that the camera always has storage space for new videos by overwriting the old footage with the recent ones; this enables the cam to record events automatically.

3. Field of view

The field of view of a camera shows how wide the camera can see. This feature varies across brands. Some dash cams come with a narrower field of view, while others are designed to offer a wide field of view. Furthermore, some brands boast a horizontal view. The cams we reviewed here are a mixture of all these. It is essential to check images and videos from various cameras before purchasing to determine the details of the images and videos.

4. Display size

A built-in display allows for viewing of control tweaks, footages, and more. Large screen displays make it easier for the driver to view all the details of the footage. Additionally, they allow for easy scrolling through settings. We chose mirror cameras that come with a screen display of 7 inches and above.

5. GPS

GPS is an essential feature that every best mirror cam should have. The GPS logs location data and indicates the current driving speed. Some cams feature built-in GPS, while others require that you purchase an external one. We considered this factor in all the cams we reviewed in this article, some of the cams we chose come with built-in cam while the rest require a separate GPS device.

6. G- sensor

A gravity sensor function activates when a car is involved in an accident, the video will be recorded and protected immediately, preventing deletion or overwriting. This feature is essential in preserving a parked vehicle from theft. We ensured that the cams we chose to come with a G- sensor to enhance safety.

7. Storage

Video footage takes up a significant amount of space. Therefore choosing a dashcam with a large area goes a long way. Fortunately, we went for cams that offer enough storage space and are compatible with an external SD card so that there is enough space for storage over a long period.

Best Mirror Cam: Our Picks in 2020

Below are the best dashboard cams for the money in 2020.

VanTop H610 10” 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

This 10” touchscreen unit from VanTop is among the best dash cam for the money. This cam features a sleek design that will, without a doubt, add a layer of luxury to your vehicle’s aesthetics.

You will fall in love with the cam’s IPS anti-glare touch screen lowers contrast hence less stress on the eyes. This feature makes it easier for you to view the recorded images and videos, even when the sun is extreme. With the IPS function, the unit provides real-time quality displays without lag.

Its 10” display touchscreen IPS display ensures that you have the views that you for enhanced safety. The front and rear cam adjust at an angle of 160 and140 degrees in that order. In other words, you get a total of 300 degrees field of view. You will have a wider view of the road and minimal image distortion and blind spots.

Driving during the night can be overwhelming. The VanTop H610″ dashcam boasts a Sony sensor that features high sensitivity and low noise to capture clear images and videos in the dark. You will have a proper view of other cars’ registration plates’ road signs, and more.

We love the rear camera’s waterproof nature that seamlessly functions in all climatic conditions. The G- sensor function enables the cam to record new videos as it deletes the old ones. The sensor instantly records a video of 20 seconds in case of a collision.

Another feature that we love in this cam is the reverse aid system. The rearview automatically shows on the screen when you press your reverse gear. The screen provides you with outlines on how to park your car safely.

With this cam, you get 2.5 K resolutions for better video quality. The images are distinctively sharp during the day and at night.

It is no surprise that this dash cam beat all the rest in this article to become the best overall. The camera offers more than you bargain for!


  • High-Quality videos and images– the camera boasts a 2.5K resolution front and rear camera.
  • High-quality cam– the rear cameras are weatherproof, thus suitable in all weather conditions.
  • Features anti-glare display- has a 2.5D glass that reflects light from its source.
  • Wide field of view– it has a total of 300 degrees to enable you to have a wide road view.
  • High storage capacity– the cam is compatible with a 128GB SD card for additional storage.


  • Poor customer support-the brand is not readily available in case of any issue.

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear with Waterproof Backup Camera

This is the best mirror cam for those looking for a hand- free experience. Additionally, the TOGUARD mirror Dashcam is a sleek designed unit that enhances your car’s overall look without compromising functionality and quality.

This product comes with a 1440P front camera and 1080P weather-resistant rear camera. Such high resolution ensures that you have a clear view of your surroundings as you drive around.


TOGUARD cam features a voice command system that ensures you do not struggle with physical command, especially when you are focused on the road. By just saying it loud, you can get the recording started or stopped. Likewise, you can get a change from front to rearview. Incredible!

The G- sensor function ensures that the cam captures every event, even one that happens in a matter of seconds. The videos are then automatically locked to avoid overwriting. The auto-lock feature is instantly triggered when there is sudden stress; the camera allows you to set the sensitivity you wish.

Enjoy the camera’s five viewing modes depending on your needs. With options such as full screen, front to back view, and image display, you will never have a boring experience with this cam.

The unit’s iron design and anti-glare mirror ensure that you get crisp videos and images depending on the selected mode.


  • Hands-free experience– the camera’s voice control system makes it fast and easier for you to make the necessary adjustment.
  • Easy installation-this saves time because you need need to install it on the original rear camera.
  • Provides clear videos and images-its anti-glare mirror and iron design enhance media clarity.
  • Excellent customer care support– If you face any issue with this unit, customer support is extremely responsive and readily available on the phone and through their website.


  • Poor quality- This cam is not reliable, and it may not last long.

DualDuBell 7” Backup camera with external GPS

Here is a unit that will capture crisp and crystal clear videos that you deserve while driving. Furthermore, this is one of the best mirror cams with external GPS; this product lets you save while you enjoy premium features.

This Backup camera lets you know where the car is moving to avoid knocking your vehicle against parking pavements. The loop recording feature enables the cam to record videos automatically.

The cam features a 1080p front cam and a 1080p rear cam with a wide-angle that will record the clearest videos. The rear camera has along cable measuring 19.6feet, which ensures you have seamless integration.

This device is ideal for individuals wishing to monitor their vehicles in the parking lot for long hours. Its 800mAh battery is enough to last for a day. It automatically records any events when the vibrations are detected and instantly locks the footage.

This unit features an easy to use interface. All you have to do to get started is touch the camera switch icon with the fingerprints to change to the preferred display. You can easily adjust the brightness of the screen as preferred.

Another feature that enhances the video clarity in the DualDuBell backup camera is the 6 layers of glass and HDR+ that bring out the balance between light and dark conditions for a better view.

This cam comes with all the needed hardware for installation. The user manual features pictures that will help you visualize its lighting in minutes.


  • Detailed manual– the unit comes with clear installation instructions with images for easy and fast installation.
  • Automated functioning– the unit automatically records video when vibration is sensed and locks them.
  • Excellent security cam– the cam’s 800mAh battery is long-lasting hence capable of providing up to 24hours of car monitor.
  • Features an external logger– this makes it possible for the driver to obtain the needed tracking information.


  • It does not work under the sun-this unit does not withstand high temperatures hence a major inconvenience.
  • Poor customer support– there is no customer care readily available when issues arise, which is quite devastating.

Campark Mirror Dash Cam 10” 1080P Rear Views Camera

Are you looking for a dashcam to enhance your safety while on the move? Well, Campark Mirror Dash is worth your hard-earned money. Its double view, 10-inch IPS touchscreen, and 1080 pixels video ensure that your driving safety is optimized.

We love Campark Mirror Dash’s top-quality silver design that brings beauty and luxury to your car. We love the dash cam’s front lens that can be adjusted until you find the perfect spot. Together with the 170-degree wide-angle, you can be sure that the road is perfectly covered.

Not only does this unit come with a sleek look, but it is also built to beat extreme temperatures making it one of the best mirror cams for those who live in unpredictable climatic conditions.

This Campark Mirror Dashcam is designed to give you an extra edge. For instance, it has an F2.0 6- glass lens that most of its competitors lack. This is the perfect feature for improving night vision, meaning that you can fully rely on this dashcam when driving in darkness or poorly light areas.

If you are looking for the best waterproof mirror camera, then Campark is your best bet. You can be assured that the camera will work just fine in moist or dewy conditions. Amazingly, the IP68 waterproof back camera and the1080p front camera record every event, even in harsh conditions.

For the prevention of image distortion and blind spots, this cam mirror cam is designed to maximize your rearview, thus offering you a horizontal visual angle. Additionally, this dash cam boasts a G-sensor and loop recording feature; these two features work hand in hand; for instance, the G- sensor automatically locks the video each time a collision is detected. This happens even when the loop function is on; the videos will be closed immediately, thus preventing overwriting.

The dash cam’s SD card captures all the latest footage with the help of the loop recording function, which ensures enough storage memory.

There is no doubt that Campark is not your ordinary dash cam; amazingly, the camera automatically turns on immediately when someone touches your car in the parking lot.


  • Waterproof – its IP68 waterproof rating ensures that the cam remains in good condition, even in harsh conditions.
  • Captures accurate footages-the the dash cam provides real-time road conditions.
  • Boasts clear images-the the unit’s six glass lens and F2.0 aperture improve nighttime vision, thus distortion-free images.
  • It provides shorter videos– it comes with a grave lapse feature that compresses the long travels into brief footage that can be reviewed easily.
  • Keeps records camera features a GPS to keep records of your routes, driving speed and more.
  • Features a 12- month warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee– to back up the product’s quality.


  • Poor quality mounting brackets– the plastic mounting brackets snap within a short period.
  • It may not loop back– the dashcam records for a short while and stops.

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12” Backup Camera

PORMIDO Mirror Dash is undoubtedly among the best mirror cams to go for when looking for a large display and split view. This mirror cam has a resolution of 1296 pixels to ensure that you do not struggle with clarity as you would with most brands in the market.

The device comes with a 32 GB SD card to ensure that you have enough space for footage storage. Another accessory that we love is the 33 feet cable for the rear camera, which makes it easy to connect and use with any vehicle that you wish.

PORMIDP Mirror Dash Cam is made of weatherproof design ensures that you can use your cam even in harsh climates without having to worry about durability. It has a reflective coat that makes it easy for you to have perfect views in any lighting.

The cam’s time-lapse recording function makes footage available for future use. Additionally, this feature is of use while reversing your car and locking feed when collisions occur. Furthermore, the cam lets you connect to GPS Antennas to give you a wider scope of information.

This PORMIDO unit comes with 32 GB cards that ensure that you have enough storage space for functions such as G- sensor, loop recording, parking monitoring, and more. What is incredible is that the cam seamlessly supports up to 128GB SD cards.

With this dash cam, you will not have to worry about installation. It comes with mounting rackets and high-quality straps. The package includes a user manual with step by step installation instructions to get it up as soon as possible.


  • Large display– the 12 inches display provides maximum rearview hence reducing blind spots for better driving.
  • Comes with installation hardware– its installation is made simple thanks to the brackets, straps, and user manuals included in the package.
  • Excellent durability– the cam is made of high-quality weatherproof materials that ensure this mirror camera lasts years to come.
  • Decent Storage space– It comes with a 32GD SD card and accommodates 128GB for maximum storage.
  • Provides excellent resolution– the cam features a dual Sony sensor to enhance clear images from both the rear and front cams.


  • Blurred images and videos- the camera‘s pictures and videos are of poor quality, making it harder to comprehend events.

Conclusion for You- Best Mirror Cam

Mirror cams are no longer a luxury. There you have it; the 5 best mirror cams available in the market; all these cams automatically record footage in case of collision. However, some come with extra features that you will love to use.

VanTop H610 10” 2,5K mirror Dash Cam will put all your safety concerns to rest. We also feel that this dashcam is fair- priced for what it offers. TOGUARD Mirror Dashcam works perfectly in all weather conditions. You do not have to worry about not obtaining crucial images and videos at any given time, anywhere.

Affordable does not necessarily mean poor quality. DuDuBell 7″ Backup Camera with external GPS is an example of a pocket-friendly cam that will perform beyond your expectations.

These units will come to your aid in case of an accident. We believe that you were able to choose the best mirror cam for your needs

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