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How Long Does A Car’s Battery Last and What Are The Signs of it Decaying

One of the most common things that we replace in a car is its battery. The battery is the alternate fuel towards our destination. Given the continuous release of hybrid vehicles, it is clear that the battery will only continue to have more reliance on it.

If you have ever owned a car, chances are you’ve had to think about replacing a battery at some point. Maybe it isn’t holding a charge, or there’s something wrong with it? Either way, it is essential to recognize when you need to replace your battery. In this article, we will be going into the typical longevity of certain types of cells and the signs that you need a new one.

How Long Does A Car’s Battery Last?

The average lifespan of a car’s battery is three years. However, the average lifespan does not help us very much. There are a variety of factors that can cause a battery’s life span to change.

Driving Time

The more you drive your vehicles, the more you use your battery. This time can be more heavily increased, depending on what you use. For example, people driving through Arizona are more likely to use their air conditioning.

Increasing Use of Battery

If certain features of your car age, it can increase the amount of electricity that your car uses. The same applies to the alternator, so the battery seems not to last long does not always indicate that electrical features or the battery are ageing.

Condition of Alternator and Drive Belt

As the alternator ages, the condition of the battery’s ability to take on a charge can follow. The alternator will often undo it, causing your battery to work harder and short out as a result.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme hot or cold temperatures will cause you to use your heater or cooler more often. It will also potentially cause you to use your auto-correction features more often. Icy roads mean slippery cars.

There are always more examples we could go through, but these give you a good idea of what to expect. The more opportunities you have to use your battery or other features

Are There Ways To Increase The Life of My Battery?

There are ways you can increase the life of your battery. Keep these in mind when you plan on using your car.

Avoid Rough Roads

Whenever you drive on rough roads, your vehicle is going to have t work harder to go across them. These include dirt roads and mountain roads. Anytime you plan on using your car, try your best to avoid the most demanding trails.

Avoid Using Your Car’s Radio and A/C While In Rest

If you use your car’s features while it is rest mode, it is not charging that energy back up again. Avoid playing the stereo or using the air conditioning while the car is not running. Doing so will cause your automobile to have the battery die quicker.

Avoid Driving in Extreme Temperatures

If temperatures are too extreme, you should try and avoid driving in them. This is especially true in frigid temperatures, as vehicles tend to struggle more in this environment.

Remember the Battery’s Warranty

While we have talked about the longevity of your battery, always remember that most cells have some limited warranty. More reliable batteries tend to have more robust guarantees. If you can find something that states it will last longer, compare that to the cost of a battery that says it will last half of the time.

If you would like to run a comparison of different brands of batteries, the following video will help you in that comparison.

How To Tell If Your Battery Needs Replaced

There are some reliable indicators that your battery is on the verge of death. Keep these in mind when your battery needs replaced.

The Engine is Slow To Respond

If your car’s engine takes longer to respond, it is a sign that your battery is getting weaker. It means that the battery is losing its charge, causing the starter to have to reach more in-depth for that little bit of energy.

The Battery Cords Look Worn or Corroded

In the worst-case scenarios, your battery can purge acid. This purging causes the surrounding cables to become corroded. If the battery has a case, signs of this may show on the case as well.

You may see a warped or corroded case. This is more likely to happen during sweltering conditions.

Lights Dimming and Unusual Electrical Issues

If the lights are dimming during the drive or starting process, your battery may be needing to replace it. You may also run into additional electrical issues. If any of the electric systems are acting unusually, it may be an issue related to your battery.

It may also be related to other issues in the car. Don’t immediately assume these issues to be in a battery. If needed, you can take your battery down to most auto parts stores for a test.

Bad Smells

A battery releasing a bad smell, similar to rotten eggs, maybe a secure sign of a battery needing to be replaced. If you smell this when starting your car, be sure to check the hood. If the battery is showing any of these other signs, that is a good sign you need a new one.

The Battery is Old

If you have not replaced your battery in a long while, that by itself is a good sign that it may be time for a replacement. You will rarely want the battery to get to any of the states mentioned before.

It is good to make a battery check part of your normal process. If you prefer a visual version of this explanation, please check out the video below.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace A Battery?

This will change depending on the brand and the claimed longevity of the battery. Those that state that they last longer will have sound reasoning for them being more expensive. Typically speaking, the cost of a new battery varies between $60 and $150. This depends heavily upon the needs of your car.

Should I Buy A Used or Refurbished Battery?

When buying a used battery, be aware that you may be buying something that will only be lasting a year or two. Some auto parts stores provided a refurbished guarantee. Be sure to ask that to any auto parts store owner before making a purchase.

Asking about the returns policy is just good practice when purchasing anything.


How long does a battery last? While the average maybe three years, the answer varies depending upon many factors. Depending upon the conditions of the weather and how you use your battery, these change massively.

Different things you can do can improve the longevity of your battery. But every battery will still decay, so you need to keep an eye on the condition of the battery cells and casing. With this knowledge, you will have confidence in the longevity of your batteries.

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