Clean inside Windshield

How to Clean inside Windshield?

A blurry windshield makes it hard to focus on the road. It makes the little bumps and cracks on the way only slightly visible. Hence, cleaning the inside of a windshield is vital for a clear sight of the road you are driving.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your windshield is how you ensure your safety and avoid accidents. Numerous events point out the need to drive carefully, for which it is important to have a coherent picture ahead.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean inside of the windshield and eliminate all the chances of a tragedy.

How does the windshield get dirty?

There are a few reasons that your vehicle’s windshield gets messy. It could be carrying fingerprints, doggie noses, exhaust clouds, and smoke. Also, it could have soil and residue from the street, ocean salt, and other neighborhood ecological pollutants.

However, one of the essential reasons is vehicle off-gassing. That ‘new vehicle smell’ originates from different plastic and vinyl inside parts, and these segments inevitably stall. They get caught inside the vehicle to leave a sleek buildup on the windshield.

Why is it important to have a clean inside windshield?

Your safety should be the first and foremost priority as you go out in your car. And for this, you need to ensure keeping the screen clearly. It is important so you can see every minor and major obstruction on your way.

Primarily, it is your security for which you need to clear your windscreen. Eventually, this leads to more reasons why it is important. A clear windshield makes the wipers work faster and more swiftly in bad weather.

During the monsoon season, a clean inside of the windshield allows the screen to keep clearing the dew inside quicker. When it has no dust particles, dirt, and debris stuck on it, cleaning becomes easier and quicker.

Also, a clean windshield increases the life of your wiper blades, so their quality doesn’t deteriorate. Hence, the best way to clean the windshield inside is to use the right items for it.

Further, a clear windshield supports you in all kinds of weather. Be it sunny, rainy, or windy weather; you will have a coherent view at all times. For this, it is important to know how to clean the inside of the car windshield.

What do you need to clean the windshield?

Cleaning the windscreen is easy but making it crystal clear takes a little more effort. There is a long list of items that you need for it.

The best way to clean the inside of the windshield involves a list of items. It includes White vinegar, old newspapers, water in a large pan, and an automotive glass cleaner wax. Further, you will require a garden hose, degreaser in a spray bottle, and dishwasher soap.

Not to forget, a microfiber towel, magic eraser, and Windex will be necessary as well. Also, these items are not just useful to clean the windshield, but your dashboard, steering wheels. Etc

How to clean the inside of a windshield?

To ensure having a clean windshield involves a fairly long procedure that guarantees a clear view of the road. Here is a step by step guide for you to begin cleaning your windshield.

Step 1

Start by sprinkling the inside of the car windshield, car windows, headlights, and mirrors. Use the degreaser mixed in with water beginning from the top. Scour the sum of the glass and lights with the fragile brush. Continue till it froths, and any discernible earth or garbage is no more.

By then, wash your entire vehicle and flush it with fresh water. If your vehicle is in the sun or if the atmosphere is warm, you may need to wash every window. This is important to shield them from drying unreasonably quickly.

Step 2

Next, fill a shower bottle around one-third to half full of refined water. Then add vinegar to fill the remainder of the holder. Finally, gently shake the holder multiple times to mix.

Shower this water and vinegar blend on the car windows, lights, and mirrors. By then, tidy it up with collapsed papers, cleaning from the top in long, even strokes.

Step 3

As of now, sprinkle little zones of the car windows with vehicle glass wax. Using a microfiber towel, use a round development to buff these sections dry, each zone thusly. Make sure to cover old regions with new not to miss any territories. Buff the aggregate of the glass a second time with a clean microfiber material. Later, dispose of any excess glass wax.

After finishing the outer car windows and vehicle perfectly, clean your inside glass. Do it by using a comparative cycle yet blocking the glass wax. Make sure never to use things containing smelling salts inside your vehicle.

It can have destructive fumes, and the over-shower can hurt vinyl and upholstery. The Rain X or distinctive glass wax will protect the inside of your windshield, lights, and mirrors cloudiness. It will make them deluge free for better detectable quality and security. Eventually, it will make sure to do this at any rate once just before the storm.

Windshield cleaning tips

Some useful tips that might come in handy for you when you decide to clean your windshield. It is important to educate people about arranging a clear inside of the windshield. And so, here are a few tips that you need to remember.

Firstly, blend the solution in a shower bottle. The most basic yet compelling choices include mixing half liquor, half water, and a capful white vinegar. This composition involves 70% water, 15% window cleaner, 15% liquor.

Secondly, use an auto-explicit glass cleaner, staying away from smelling salts based cleaners. This is because they can harm vinyl, cowhide, and color. Thirdly, assemble your materials at that point and jump in your front seat. Doing so will allow for a simpler entrance to the car windshield.

Next, utilize a spotless, dry microfiber towel to wipe down the glass first. Moreover, utilizing a clean microfiber and rubbing alcohol on it in a circular motion with a glass cleaner will do wonders for your car. A few more guidelines to make this process efficient keep coming up. You should wipe your vehicle windshield last, after washing the outside and cleaning down your vehicle’s inside.

Cleaning down windows in the shade or when temperatures are cooler will forestall the windows cleaner’s fast vanishing. Try not to utilize clothes you’ve used for other cleaning purposes even if you’ve washed them.

You could wind up with an oily, sleek windshield from wax or other itemizing mixes. To assist you through visuals, here is a video to guide you through the process. Moreover, it is suggested to clean the windshield in a circular motion.

This should be done using a magic eraser, microfiber cloths, paper towels, glass cleaner, Windex, etc. Also, rubbing alcohol is another way used to clean the inside of your windshield. This helps bring anti-fog properties in it.

Here is a video to give you help through the visuals of the process.


Cleaning the inside of the windshield from both sides is extremely important. It is vital from the safety perspective and durability of the screen and wipers. All these factors come together to give you all the convenience in driving.

Also, maintaining a clear windshield serves you protection in weathers no matter how extreme they are. Hence, cleaning your windshield is as significant as maintaining the quality of your tires, engine, and appearance. Rubbing alcohol in a circular motion the will wipe the glass clean for sure. Also, using a glass cleaner and a clean microfiber will wipe the glass even better. This will ensure your windows looking crystal clear from the outside and inside.

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