10 Windshield Damage ideas | windshield, auto glass, auto glass repair

Driving With A Cracked Windshield Can Get You Warrant Ticket

The windshield is your car’s essential part, which offers you clear visibility during driving. Windshield blocks all the wind, rain, snow, and fragile sleet, making it more prone to damage. 

A cracked windshield is hazardous for a driver and the members sitting in the car. Most people prefer getting the cracked windshield replacement immediately. Some people are unable to repair it immediately due to specific issues. 

The windshield is commonly prone to suffer from damages including linear crack, bull’s eye, crack chip, pit, star-shaped breakage, etc. In this article, you’ll get to know why your windshield suffers from several cracks and how you can repair it.

Is It Safe Driving With A Cracked Windshield?

It is the most common question that people wonder whether it’s essential to repair the windshield immediately, or you can drive with it. Most states have unpredictable weather situations that shatter windshields, break windows, or backlights, etc.

The answer to this question is Yes…! But it is extremely dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield. You should consider the following factors if you are planning to delay the repair of the windshield.

Beware! you may get a ticket for driving a car with a damaged windshield. Watch this video…


The location of the crack is also an essential factor to consider. If a small crack is located on the passenger side, you can replace or repair it after some time. Conversely, if the windshield is cracked on the driver’s side, it’s prohibited to continue driving as it requires an immediate fix.

This is because the damaged windshield will block your view. If any severe weather conditions strike, it will be dangerous for you to drive with a cracked windshield.


The position of the crack is essential to identify. If your windshield has a long crack, your state laws might not allow you to drive the car. It then becomes essential to repair it immediately. If the crack is insignificant or small, it’s not a big issue, and you can drive with a cracked windshield.

The Extent of auto glass damage

If your windshield has a small crack or chip, less than 6-12 inches, there are high chances that you can repair it. However, if the windshield is significantly damaged, you need to replace it.

Spreading Cracks

This is one of the common issues you face with a small crack. Such cracks tend to spread and elongate. With the temperature changes, glass can contract or expand, leading to the growth of damage.

What States Is It Illegal to Drive with A Cracked Windshield?

This is another factor that you need to consider if you are driving with a cracked windshield. In many states, if you suffer from such an incident, there is a law, call an onsite repair or get your car towed. Most of the states pose legal restrictions on driving, considering the crack’s type and size.

To ensure your safety and everyone around you, it is illegal to continue driving with a cracked windshield or one which features sharp edges. This is because it might discolor and interfere with visibility.

There are specific federal regulations regarding cracked windshields. These regulations allow you to drive the car with a small crack or chip less than ¾ inches in diameter. But they shouldn’t be in a parameter of 3 inches with another crack. Moreover, no cracks should be directly present in the driver’s sight.

Other than the Federal regulations, there are transportation codes. For instance, the Wisconsin Transportation code has mentioned the details of the windshield crack and the negative impact on the driver’s sight. However, in the Florida transportation code, only the cracked windshield and its effect on the driver’s view is mentioned. And all is left up to the police discretion whether it is impairing the driver’s vision or not.

Moreover, in most states, insurance companies must pay the full cost of cracked windshields to ensure safety.

The bottom-line regarding the illegality of cracked windshield laws varies from one state to another depending on the length, size, or area of the cracks on the windshield.

What Happens If You Don’t Fix A Cracked Windshield?

The first and utmost concern with a cracked windshield is the cosmetic concern. If you are an aesthetic, you most probably lookout for a car that seems perfect. Windshield cracks are common either due to roadside flying stones, road debris, balls, some construction pieces falling off in the parking lot, or much more. In this video, you’ll get to know how you can repair a chipped windshield.

Excess Cost with The Passing Time

The worst part about a cracked windshield is, it can cost you several tickets and lead to life-threatening, severe incidents. Therefore, you should get your car windshield mended immediately if it is obstructing the driver’s view. Even if your car shield suffers from a small crack, it’s best to fix it without delay as it might spread and cost you more.

Might Shatter

Furthermore, if the cracked windshield is left for long, it might shatter entirely under the influence of temperature fluctuations. Any object or debris may strike over the glass, or dirt might enter through the cracks as well. But don’t worry about your windshield hitting your head or falling into your vehicle as that’s not possible. Windshields are placed using a strong urethane adhesive preventing any movement, leaks, or noise.

The windscreen’s safety glass is laminated, making it stronger, preventing it from separating from its frame.

10 Windshield Damage ideas | windshield, auto glass, auto glass repair

Safety Hazard

Still, if you wonder whether the cracked windshield is safe or not, the answer to this question is NO! It’s because a small crack in your windshield can also be hazardous for the passengers and the driver.

Regardless of the crack size and position, it’s better to avoid driving a car with a cracked windshield. You must go to a professional auto glass company or glass technician and repair or replace it immediately for your safety.

Impairs Field of Vision

The standard-issue you face with a broken windshield impairs the field of vision. Get the windshield replaced or repaired immediately. The windshield glass becomes discolored with time, reduces visibility due to the accumulation of dirt, moisture, and washer fluid.

Chances of Severe Injury

There is an excellent chance of injury during some roll-over accident. Upon damaging, the windshield may affect your car’s roof’s structural integrity. And when the vehicle flips, the roof can crush, leading to serious injury.

Increased Chance of Ejection

There are more chances of ejection due to accidental impact. If the seat belts aren’t fastened during the collision, and the windshield is also broken, it might peril.

Ineffective Airbag Deployment

Moreover, a cracked windshield might result in inefficient airbag deployment. When the car undergoes a collision, the windshield inflates the airbag towards the passenger. If the windshield is already broken, airbag deployment pressure can be cracked, and the airbag won’t protect the occupants.

How Do You Stop A Crack In Your Windshield From Spreading?

You can easily repair the small chips or cracks in the windshield, regardless of their shape. There are several products available at auto body stores that prevent the spread of cracks. It is one of the common problems in glass cracks; they tend to spread.

The windshield cracks lead to weak points, which spread due to external conditions leading to glass shatter.

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Avoid Pressure

One more thing you can do to stop the crack from spreading is to avoid any pressure over the cracked windshield from inside the car. The windshield’s shape and cracks can make the entire structure of the windshield weak. It can thus lead to continuous cracking of the windshield.

Strong Adhesives

Strong sealants prevent the glass pieces from falling off on the road or inside the car. Furthermore, you can protect your windshield from cracking by parking the car in a carport or a garage. If you undergo a severe weather situation, it’s best to visit the nearby gas station. Protect your vehicle from the worst scenario by parking the car in an overpass. It is the best practice to ensure safe driving.

Use Transparent Resin

If you seek what these repair shops apply to your chip or crack in the windshield, here’s a secret and apply the transparent resin layer. The main goal of using the resin is to restore the windscreen’s structural integrity and erase all the signs of windshield damage. If it seems the visual or crack distortion is noticeable even after repair, the structural integrity of the windscreen is at stake. You might need a complete replacement.

The best advice regarding windshield repairs is to repair it immediately if the damage is more than three inches or three chips or cracks. Moreover, if the break is present at the edge of the windshield, affecting the integrity with the spider-webbed crack, it will spread immediately. So, avoid wasting time and visit the auto store now.

DIY Solution

A simple DIY solution for fixing the windshield chips is nail polish or super glue. Just wipe the area using a dry, clean cloth. Apply super glue or nail polish, keeping the moisture and dirt apart.

The Dangers of DIY Windshield Repair Kits – Allstar Glass Corporation


A cracked windshield is the most frustrating and hazardous experience as it’s unsafe. You must have undergone this experience once in a lifetime. Your car windshield might have suffered from an unwanted object, which can lead to larger cracks or chips.

After reading all about the windshields, you can now decide you need immediate repair of the cracked windshield or not.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the auto glass replacement company and repair it sooner than later.

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