Car mileage 100 000 miles

How Low And High Car Mileage Affects The Price Of The Car

It is always a great idea to keep a check on the mileage of your car. The car mileage helps in several different aspects. It tells how much the car runs and what stage it falls. Car mileages also matter if the engine repairs and needs certain miles before you can amp up the speed.

Car mileage

If you are looking for a used car, mileage adds to the equation. There is so much more to this, and you will find it down below. You will also find a way to reacquaint yourself with your car.

Why Sweat Over Car Mileage?

Perhaps the first thing that came to your mind is; you do not care. It is fair enough for people who use cars as modes of transportation only. People who are enthusiasts may have a better eye and answer to this question.

Let us look at this question with an open mind and discuss the importance of knowing car mileage, especially if you have eyes on a used car.

Vehicle Condition

Car mileage is the amount of distance the car covers until the time you see it from the beginning. Most cars do not have a reset button on the odometer to ensure users can keep an eye out for the car. The total miles helps understand how much the user drove the used car. It also helps determine the internal on in the car.

However, with modern technology, this is quite subjective. It is also subjective if you have an enthusiast who is willing to maintain the car. Even though modern methods make inspection easier, mechanics still prefer looking at the miles. Car dealerships will give you a proper report with each of your inspections.

Choose A Used Car

If you are looking to get the best-used car in your name, high mileage cars are out of the question. High mileage on a used car makes the front impression of the vehicle. A lot of people know that the looks and body of the car are easy to change, but the internal is hard to judge. The miles on the odometer help determine the wear and tear the car goes through.

However, this is not the only reason.

People who look out for old and vintage cars may find it exciting. You can read how many miles on the used vintage car from whatever year you like and make it exciting. Many collectors take this opportunity to trace vehicles back to their history and make it a masterpiece. Therefore, it is not only about getting a used car for function. You can also keep a used car as a collector’s item.

Fewer miles, not every time is the case!

After how many highway miles you need maintenance

One of the most important reasons to know your car mileage guidelines is for maintenance. We will talk later in detail about car maintenance. However, the gist is simple. Every part of the car needs attention after a certain time. Some parts are different, and they work best for fewer miles before they need your attention.

The regular maintenance of your vehicle is easier if you keep track of the miles on a car. Well-maintained cars have longer lives and even better after-sales value. People who look for used cars will forever thank you for maintaining the vehicle.

Let us see how you can work around the car mileage and use it in your favor.

Mileage For Maintenance (12 000 30 000 60 000 50 000 or 100 000 miles)

Car mileage 100 000 miles

One of the top and very important reasons why you need to check your car mileage is for maintenance. However, how to use it may sound tricky. Many parts of the car and their features have a mileage life. This means that after a certain number of miles, it can indicate or remind you to change the features.

The following are the few most common calculations where mileage saves the day.

  • Tires need replacement every 20 000 miles. If the previous owners do this, then this is the sign of used cars.
  • Brake pads need attention after 20 000 miles.
  • Brake discs need your attention every 40 000 miles.
  • The timing belt and water pump need attention after 70 000 miles.
  • Clutch and flywheel need an inspection every 100 000 miles on used cars and otherwise.

Of course, all these are very basic and general rules of thumb. You should always check your car if you want to maintain it. Moreover, after every 20,000 miles, you need to take it for a general inspection to keep it in tiptop condition.

Other conditions to keep in mind are the oil changes and more. So many fluids in your car help run it smoothly. Some of the fluid does not last long. Oil seals are very important to the car. Hence, even if your car is seemingly working well, get a professional to check it every 20 000 to 30 000 miles for the best results.

Car technicians also recommend checking fluids every 12 000 miles or these many miles to help the car last longer. 12000 miles is a standard way to check. It may increase or decrease from 12 000 miles too.

A pro tip is to check the maintenance records before buying a used car to ensure you get a well-maintained car. Service records help assurance of the right choice.

12000 is a general standard range of checking.

What Is Good Mileage For A Car as per dealership service?

This is one of the most complicated questions about car mileages that owners ask. The best way to answer it in a single line is that it is subjective. The car mileage is not the only indicator of how your car is doing. It is not the only way to buy a used car. A used vehicle has many ways to check if it is well maintained.

Keep up below, easing out the confusion.

Mileage is one of the most important and the first ways to judge the used vehicle condition. Mileage on a used car helps understand the use of the car by the previous owner. However, usage matters here.

Imagine a car driven for 10 years old on only 100 000 miles. That makes only 10 000 miles per year. Now imagine a car driven 50 000 miles per year. Alternatively, even if it is 60 000 miles.

How many miles on a used car is too much?

Highway miles

Honestly, it involves both factors, the way you used it and how much time you used it. The car that drove 100,000 miles is more likely to have a better condition than a car that drove 50,000 miles in just a year. The mileage is less, but the car drove so much that it practically did not have time to rest. Here the 100 000 miles wins.

Now change to a situation where you have two cars in front of you. Both ran for 100,000 miles at the same time, almost. Nevertheless, you know that car A is the one.

The reason why a car looks better and more reliable is that the user probably went out of their way for maintenance. The constant attention and know-how made the used car in better shape.

Similarly, high miles may have a little difference in terms of driving quality than regular miles. Highway driving requires more speed and sometimes even a little rash driving. These add to higher mileage in the traditional sense.

Similarly, if you want a used car that has been a rental car, the inspection increases, in this case, the mileage may be higher, but the maintenance is higher too.

This is one way to understand mileage. Another way is to check the average mileage of the car. In the past, an average of 100 000 miles for a car was good enough. It showed that the car worked well and met the average.

However, the new era allows for better technology. Hence, the average age for a car is now between 200 000 miles and 300 000 miles. Car mileage vehicles are no longer a threat when you want a used car—the industry average for different models of different cars matter. Even if the company is the same, the model makes a grave difference.

How To Get A Used Car With Proper Mileage

Eventually, this question will pop into your mind. When you opt for a second hand used car and then try to keep your mind open. This especially implies if you are looking for newer cars that are high on technology. Remember that even though mileages are important, manufacturers do not limit them anymore. Hence, you cannot make the claim that a certain percentage of the car’s life is used up, and this percentage is left.

Similarly, ignoring mileage is also wrong. Of course, the amount of distance the car covers will give a theoretic idea of how far the car ran and for what purpose. Keep a balance and take the age, maintenance records, and mileage together for the best-used car that you can get.


Getting the best-used car is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to car mileage. Mileage plays an important role in finding out about the car, helping it keep safe, and increasing the life of the car. These reasons make the foundation of the odometer in your car. Many vehicles do not have the option to reset the total readings, so the car has a safe history. There is generally another screen if you wish to see the current miles of your drive.

Car mileages are a good first impression, but they are certainly not the last. You can inspect the used car with many aspects side-by-side with the other features. Overall, it does not entirely depend on how many miles. Rather it is about how many miles mattered during the use. For the best results, keep your vehicle history report intact.

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