How-To Remove Labels & Stickers | Step-by-Step Guide

How To Remove Stickers From Car Without Damaging The Paint

Are you planning to get rid of the bumper stickers, dealership stickers, political campaign stickers, or any other car sticker you are tired of?

We understand you get bored with the old stickers at some point in your life, but getting rid of the stickers is not as easy as applying them.

Other than the standard stickers, dealership logos are either metallic plates or vinyl attached with super-adhesive glue, which are hard and tricky. You must watch the videos and read our step-by-step guide to easily remove the sticker.

Do you want to get your hands on the right products and get started with how to remove stickers from cars? Before you plan on getting rid of the stickers from your car, you should be smart enough to remove a sticker without damaging the clear coat or paint. Achieve a clean, sharp look with the simple tips and tricks to remove the stickers and be patient while performing this job.

So, read on how to remove the sticker with a complete step-by-step guide.

How to Remove Stickers From Car Body?

While you remove a sticker from the car body, you need the following materials:

  • Hairdryer
  • Car washing soap
  • Plastic card
  • Goo Gone Automotive or Tree sap remover/ rubbing alcohol/ cold pack/ boiling water/ WD-40
  • Clean, dry towels
  • Glass cleaner/ quick detailing spray


Clean the Sticker Area:

Start cleaning the area where the sticker is applied using the car washing soap.

Heat the Area Using A Hairdryer:

Now switch on the hair dryer and heat it. Hold 2-3 inches away from the car sticker for a few seconds and let the heat work. Keep the heat setting constant and hold it for a minute.

Use A Plastic Card/ Razor Blade or Box Cutter:

Once your car sticker gets heated, use a plastic card or credit card to rub off the sticker and lift it off. If the sticker is quite stubborn, you need to reheat the area.

You can also utilize a razor blade/ plastic car or box cutter to remove stickers from the glass. However, it’s best advised to use it away from the car paint as it might damage the car paint.

Wipe Area Using Tree Sap Remover/ Goo Gone Automotive:

Once the sticker is detached, remove the car sticker residue using a clean, dry cloth or tree sap remover. Now wipe the sticker area gently while ensuring to remove all the residue.

Alternative Cleaning Solution- Use WD-40 Spray:

You can also loosen the car stickers using a WD-40 spray underneath and the surface. This spray’s cleaning properties make the scraping process more manageable, allowing you to easily peel off the sticker.

How To: Remove Bumper Stickers - Bob Vila

Other Alternatives

If you are not willing to visit the market and buy these products, get your hands on the distilled vinegar present in the kitchen cabinet, and remove the excess residue.

Another alternative solution includes a miracle whip, which means smearing mayo over the bumper stickers. You can also soak the microfiber cloth within boiling water or pour the boiling water directly on the bumper sticker. Other solutions include vodka or rubbing alcohol.

(be highly aware of using the flammable solvents when using it for the cleaning process of the car stickers)

Another alternative for removing the car stickers and loosening them include the placement of a cold pack over the sticker area.

Watch the video for full details.

Polish The Entire Sticker Area:

Once you are done clearing all the sticker residue, polish the entire surface using a glass cleaner or opt for a quick detailing spray that helps achieve a more transparent, finished look.

Alternative Quick and Easy Solution:

You can also ensure easy removal of the car stickers using a damp piece of some newspaper. Just simply wet the newspaper and place it over the car sticker. Now allow the newspaper to sit for over 15-20 minutes. This quickly softens all the sticker residue and enables you to clean the area quickly.

Watch the video now to get the complete insight on how it’s easier to remove stickers:

How to Get Rid of Stickers From Your Car Window?

Getting rid of stickers from the car window is an easy task for which you won’t need to spend much time and hard work.

For removing stickers from the car window, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Clean, dry towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Razorblade
  • Hot, water, soapy solution
  • Paper towel


Peel the Sticker with A Razor Blade:

Start peeling off the sticker using a razor blade.

Use Soapy Water Solution:

Now use the soapy water solution over the sticker area using a clean towel. Scrub the sticker area carefully and get rid of all the sticker residue.

Liftoff the Edges:

If you can still see a part of the sticker left, utilize the razor blade to lift the edges and pull off using your hands.

Use rubbing alcohol/ tree sap remover/ Goo Gone Automotive/ WD-40 spray/ vinegar/ miracle whip/ boiling water/ vodka/ cold pack:

You can also use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticker residue. Pour some amount over the paper towel and start scrubbing.

Clean with Water and Towel:

Once you are done rubbing it off, clean the car window using a clean towel and water.

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How to Remove Car Decals or Bumper Stickers?

Things Which You Should Consider Before Removing the Car Decals or Bumper Stickers:


Before you plan on removing the badge, you must know whether the badge is applied using adhesive or is the badge welded/ bolted. Most of the SUVs, luxury models, or high-end cars have permanent badges secured with bolts or screws through welding or bolting. The most common form of dealership badging is a metallic logo, which is attached with strong adhesive.

Type of Adhesive Used

Before debugging the car stickers, you must know if they are attached with adhesive, vinyl, or glue.

Duration for Which It Is Placed

Next, you need to understand how long the sticker or badging has been placed over your vehicle. The longer it is placed, the more issues you’ll face in removing it.


The problem is the removal of car stickers is usually faced in sunny regions. The sun eventually heats the surface of the sticker and holds the sticky stuff tightly.

Reason for Removing the Car Stickers

Next, you should decide why you plan on removing the car stickers? Whether you want an eye-appealing car or you are preparing your vehicle to undergo ceramic coating. If the stickers or car badging have been there for a longer duration, you might face uneven markings, high or low spots when trying to remove it. You can use a paint corrector or a polisher to get the best results.

Things you’ll need to get rid of the dealership decal:

  • Hairdryer/ heat gun
  • Razorblade (plastic one)
  • Adhesive remover
  • Non-abrasive, microfiber towel
  • Washing supplies, car shampoo


Heat Up Using Heat Gun/ Hairdryer:

Heat the dealership decal using a hairdryer or a heat gun. Hold the blow dryers a few inches away and for a few seconds. Move the dryer left to right or from the top to the bottom to heat the entire area.

Use A Razor Blade for Removing:

When the sticker surface becomes warm, use a plastic razor blade to get its edges off.

Pull the Edges:

When you can grab the decal surface off, pull one side with your hand while keeping the hairdryer on the other side.

Cleaning Process:

During the cleaning process, continue heating the sticker, making the removal process more manageable and allowing you to get rid of the sticker in a single motion.

Use an adhesive remover:

Once you completely get rid of the sticker, remove the residues using adhesive removers like tree sap remover, WD-40 spray, vinegar, miracle whip, boiling water, vodka, rubbing alcohol, or cold pack. Use a microfiber cloth for wiping off the area and another clean cloth to buff the entire region.

Wash and Inspect For Any Paint Damage:

Last but not the least, after washing the entire area, examine the sticker area for any paint damage or discoloration.

Buffing and Polishing:

If the paint gets dull, try the paint correction technique to buff the entire area and make it look even. This helps you achieve a more transparent, finished look with the complete removal of stickers and their residue.

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How to Get Rid Of The Car Dealership Emblem?

Before removing the car dealership emblems, you must follow these tips. Inspect backing; either they are drilled or have a strong adhesive.

When you remove the emblems, try getting rid of the interior trimmings or coverings while gaining access to the logo’s backside. If you experience any bars near the crest, stop doing the process.

If you find it as a plastic sticker, gather the required supplies, and get rid of the emblem.

  • A heat gun or blow dryer
  • Dental floss/ plastic card
  • Adhesive remover


Heat the Entire Area:

Start using the blow dryer and heat the entire area.

Loosen the Sticker:

Once it’s warm, loosen the glue on one side.

Grab Dental Floss/ Plastic Card:

Now grab the dental floss, wrapping it over the thumb and index finger. Other than the dental floss, you can use the same plastic card as well.

Lift the Edges:

Liftoff the emblem from one corner and slide dental floss underneath it. Continue removing logos using the floss.

Use Adhesive Remover:

Lastly, make use of adhesive and remove all the sticky stuff. Now wash your car and get rid of all the sticker residue. Achieve the clear, sharp look once you get rid of the car sticker.

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Tips on How To Place The Car Stickers Efficiently For Easy Removal:

  • Next time when you plan on placing the bumper sticker, it’s best advised to put it over the rear window and get it off quickly without worrying about the damage.
  • If you place the decal over the bumper, you can quickly fix it using a magnet over the vehicle’s bumper. This helps in getting rid of the sticker while using a magnet rather than undergoing the hassle of removing adhesive.
  • You can also apply Turtle Wax over the car bumper, allowing easy removal of the stickers.
  • If you plan on sticking the decal or bumper sticker to the car directly, paint, wash, dry, and wax the surface before applying the sticker.

How-To Remove Labels & Stickers | Step-by-Step Guide

  • You must be wondering whether it’s safe to use a razor blade on your car or not. So, the answer to this question will be YES! It’s completely safe to remove the car sticker from the window or windshield. Scrape the sticker at an angle and make sure the blade is not dull.
  • Act like a PRO and avoid leaving any marks or scratches over the car paint. One more criterion you should bear in mind while removing stickers is avoiding using the razor blade on different parts of the vehicle as It might ruin the car’s paint.


There might be multiple reasons that you want to get rid of stickers from your car. Maybe you want a reasonable price if you plan to sell them as stickers can reduce your vehicle’s price. Other reasons include perhaps your campaign is now over, and now you want to get rid of the campaign ad. Whatsoever is your reason for getting rid of the sticker, be patient, and get your hands on the essential tools.

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