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What are PA Car Seat Laws?

Car seats or booster seat are a very important aspect for children. These seats actually help in saving the lives of children. In fact, studies prove that the rear facing car seats reduce injuries and deaths in child passenger. The only condition is that you need to ensure that you use the child passenger safety back seat correctly as per the law of your State.

The approved child law in Pennsylvania or Pa Car Seat laws are there to ensure a safe driving experience with a child passenger booster seat. Take a deeper and more understandable approach to these laws for a safer experience. The laws are for your safety, so neglecting them is never a good idea. Children aged 8 years and younger need special attention. Check out the most basic ways to use car seats.

PA Car seat laws

Background of Car seat laws PA

In June 2016, Pennsylvania law required all the child passenger under two years to ride in rear facing car seat. These new Pa car seat laws allowed a better experience for the driver and a healthier car ride in case of an accident.

The law also confirmed that children that did not outgrow the height and weight limit were eligible for this law. The safety standard set was more about the size and physical weight of the child than it was about the age. Hence, adding a layer of safety for a child passenger.

The major reason why the Pa Car Seat laws needed attention was that the rules of the car seat were vague. The vagueness allowed many people to strap children in front-facing seats, and some even without car seats. The law ensures a healthier and safer practice whether one gets the gist of it or not.

Another reason why this safety seats or car seat law felt necessary was a lack of knowledge. Young parents prefer forward facing car seat instead of rear facing car seats. While these add a layer of safety, they prove equally dangerous in a fatal car crash. The Pa Car seat laws specifically state that children under two years use rear facing car seat for maximum protection.

The law did not stop at baby seats only. It states that children up until the age of 18 cannot sit in a car without proper restraints like seat belt. Hopefully, by the time they become adults, they will have the habit of wearing a shoulder belt so that they remain safe all along. The front passenger and the driver have a legal requirement to wear the seat belt of a child car seat at all costs.

Official Recommendations

Along with the Pa Car Seat laws came a list of recommendations. These are great for first-time parents, oblivious parents, or even people that do not understand the importance of car seats for any reason. The following are a few recommendations pointed out.

The Right Car Seat

Choosing the right car seat is slightly tricky. There is more than just buckling a seat belt and leaving your child in the seat. However, the best and least you could do is choose a seat belt that fits your child perfectly. Moreover, the seat should take up the weight of your child as well. Ensure that it fits all of your cars where you plan to use this child car seat. If you have to change the child car seat for your child a while later because of your child’s growth, then do it! There is nothing more important than safety.

Acquaint Yourself With The Seat

One of the best things you can do is acquaint yourself with the seat of your choice. No matter how many times you have used one before, imagine it is the first. Carefully read the manufacturers’ instructions. Find out about the latches and how tight they need. Check the size of the seat and the height or weight of your child as well.

Keep Your Child For A Long Time

To ensure safety for as long as possible, do not hurry to get your child out of the seat. You may need to do some extra work and make the extra effort, but life is worth it! Ensure that your child reaches the maximum age and weight where they do not require the seat anymore.

For Pa Car Seat Laws, it goes up to 2 years or 35 pounds. However, the recommendation exceeds that. It depends on the car seat manufacturer. Even after the car seat, do not let your child passenger sit shotgun before the age of 13.

Is It That Important?

Pa Car seat laws along with many others are very strict. They are there to ensure that you get the most of safety for your children.

Parents on the other hand, still concern themselves with the question! Is it all worth it? Several studies give you insights into Car Seats and their usage. Let us look at them and see where we stand vis-à-vis the stats.

The Advantages of Child Safety Seat

There are almost endless advantages to getting a car seat for your baby. These are timely reminded to ensure that people follow the PA car seat laws and keep their children safe. The following are a couple of them.


It is no surprise that the first one is safety. Nevertheless, why are they safe? Babies and toddlers are sensitive. They cannot take as many vibrations and movements as adult bodies. These bodies are also developing so they do not have shockproof qualities. Car seats help ensure that children do not feel the physical pressure of being inside cars either rear facing car seat or forward facing car seat.

Two hundred and eighty-four children under the age of 4 years to 7 years were safe during accidents in 2012. All these children were in proper car seats that were complied with the law of child passenger safety by the car seat manufacturer.


If you are looking for reasons beyond safety, then this is number one. In a busy world, it is important for people to multi-task. With your child safe and hands-free on the go with you, you can do anything in the car. This includes a comfortable long drive with your partner.


Car seats are more than a safety box for your child. They are a comfortable place for your child. Imagine sitting in a chair too small. Your baby feels the exact same way when it sits in a place that is huge for them. Car seats ensure that your child gets the best seat in the place for them. Some babies find car rides comfortable enough to sleep. The perfect car seat adds to these details.

The Challenges of Booster Seat

Like everything in the world, car seats are not perfect too. Even though Pa Car seat laws suggest using them at all times, they are still challenging. Let us discuss another side of them.

Child Passenger Safety Seats Get Hot

One of the most common concerns that parents and doctors have been burnt. These needs generally get hot on a sunny day. The heat may cause chafing and other problems. These result in a possible burning on the baby.


Parents try their best for child passenger safety. However, it is not uncommon that leaving children in baby seats cause death. You can avoid this by never leaving your child in the car for even a short minute.

Bad Fits

While car seats may work as miracles, in the end, they are not miracles. One of the biggest challenges is the focus. Every time you buckle your child, you need to know that it is not too tight or loose. The placement, the comfort, and everything need the utmost attention every time.

Car seats have the potential to restrict your baby’s movements. Never leave them to lose for movement purpose. The idea of these seats is to restrict them for their safety.

Types Of Car Seats

Now that you know everything about the car seats, you may need help in choosing the best one. It is not that difficult. The trick here is to know which type one needs for the best for their child. The following three types are the basic options in the market.

Infant Seats

Infant seats are exactly what they say. These seats have limited capacity and work for infants only. They allow about 30 pounds only or even less. These seats come in different options. However, they generally face the rear only, which is the safest and more effective.

Convertible Seats

If you want to make your seat last longer, the convertible ones are for you. These face the rear and even the front. As per the Pa Car Set laws, you can use this as rear-facing seats for two years and then convert it. However, the best is to keep children facing the rear for as long as possible.

Belt Positioning Seats

These seats are for toddlers and over. They usually go beyond 40 pounds and four years of age. Moreover, they have a different buckling system to help keep toddlers safe and they are both, front and rear facing car seat designs.

Booster Seats

These are entirely different and for older children. However, parents need knowledge on this too. Booster seats are for children that are too old for car seats, but too young for regular seats. These boost the car space to their weight and height. There are buckles and seat belts for safety too. These usually work for children up until 12 or 13.

How To Get The Perfect One

The best way to get it is to acquaint yourself with the brand and instructions. Try to fit your child in the seat in the shop. Look around for the features and ensure that it fits the best in your car. The cushioning works as a shock absorber. Ensure that you do not neglect it. Do not compromise on the features just for a certain design or style.

The most important part is the buckle. Ensure that the buckle is tight enough to hold the child. However, it should have an easy release to open the buckle in emergencies. There are plenty of different kinds of buckles but the best ones are generally metal. They have a strong clasp and are easy to open as well. Just make sure they have some sort of insulation so that the sun does not make the buckle hot. Here is a video to help get the best one.


Getting the best car seat for your baby is not essential; the Pa Car seat laws make it an obligation. An endless number of studies show how beneficial they are to your child. However, studies also prove that the wrong use is dangerous. Hence, when you get the car seat, ensure knowledge over it so that it does not have adverse effects.

For the best results and safest rides, try keeping your child in the car seat for as long as possible. When they grow out of it, switch to booster seats. You can get in touch by following the contact us page of PA laws bombsite that has car seat rights reserved.

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