Paint Code By VIN

Paint Code by VIN – Where & How to Find It Yourself

Paint code is that unique code that usually contains 3 to 6 characters including a mix of numbers and capital letters and it’s there in your car VIN number.

It is important that you find the exact paint code color of your vehicle because it will guarantee the accuracy of your recoloring jobs. Just find the VIN number of the car and you will get your unique paint color code.

When you are looking to get those minor scratches all fixed up you will have to find the exact color code. And for that, you can conveniently use your vehicle identification number or VIN.

Your vehicle is just like those products in a supermarket and this VIN is its barcode. The sticker that has this code in some cases has the name of the color of your vehicle along with engine size which results in an easy finding of what you are looking for.

What’s this VIN or vehicle identification number?

The vehicle identification numbers or VINs are unique codes that every motor vehicle gets assigned after the manufacturing princess is complete. There are 17 different characters in this code and it includes letters and numbers. But you won’t find any intervening spaces in this code.

Additionally, you will not find any letters like I (i), O (o), or Q (q) in these vehicle identification codes. Car manufacturers omit these letters because they resemble 0 and 1 digits. Consequently, these VINs become easier to read.

How can you use your VIN to get the color code?

Looking to repaint your car’s driver side door jamb with the same color that was previously on it then you will need that unique color code. It is going to be very useful in helping you in finding the exact color. The best part is that you can find the unique color code of your vehicle using this vehicle identification number.

Where can I find the VIN?


If you have a passenger car then most of its models feature their VIN codes on their dashboards. Normally, you are going to find it near the driver’s side. But if you want to have a better look at it using your windshield then it is better for you to have a look from outside of your car.

Door pillars

Some but not all car manufacturers place this VIN code ride on the door pillar on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Such cars require you to open the driver’s door to see the VIN code. As soon as you open the door you can find the VIN code right where the side door latches.

Glove box

Some cars also have this paint code on the glove box on the passenger side if you do a little search. Some cars also have this code on the strut towers.

Other places

Different car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and others also have their specific placements like engine compartment and you need to do a little search to find out the exact paint code or color code. A trunk lid is also one of the good locations to look for such a label with a sticker for a vehicle like Land Rover. The vehicle manual is a good choice as this manual provides you with all the information about the VIN in detail about the paint code and color code.

Additionally, some car manufacturers position this VIN code under the vehicle’s hood. It is right there in front of your vehicle’s engine block. Your car’s hood is one of the most common places for this VIN to be present as well.

Moreover, some older vehicles have this paint code and color code information right at the front end of the vehicle’s frame. And you can find this frame on the driver’s side door of the vehicle and right near the front end.

Motorbikes also have the paint code and color code information just under the handlebars. Or you can also see this code on the bike’s steering neck. Other bike manufacturers place this code on a frame right next to the motor or somewhere on the engine where it is clearly visible.

But when we talk about semi-trailers, you will find the VIN code or color code right in the front and on the left-hand side.

What if it’s not there on the vehicle?

If you can’t find this paint code on your vehicle then you can easily find it on the documentation of your vehicle. You will find it in the title of your vehicle. This documentation is also known as the Certification of Title. This certificate is a legal document that guarantees your ownership of this vehicle.

Furthermore, you can also use the Vehicle Registration Certification to find out your VIN or paint code. This certification is provided to you by the Motor Vehicle Department of the state in which you live. This document establishes a link between the owner and the vehicle.

Moreover, you can find a car’s VIN number using the documents pertaining to your liability insurance. This documentation contains the power of your automobile insurance. Additionally, any records associated with car repairs also contain this unique code of your vehicle.

However, you need to keep in mind that these car VIN numbers are only available in the cars that have been manufactured before 1981. The vehicles of this time contain 11 characters. And in such a scenario you might not be able to get the color code from this VIN number on a car.

Decode the VIN number to the car

This paint number can tell you a lot about your car. Its first number tells you about the country of origin of this model. The second number tells you about the manufacturer. Your vehicle’s type and division are represented by the third letter.

All of the next five letters provide you with information about the vehicle’s body style, its model, and its series. These numbers are followed by the security check digit and then the letter comes that represents the model year.

The next letter tells you about the plant letter while the remaining of the letters and numbers tell you about the production number of your vehicle. This number is also called the serial number of your car.

Get the color code out of this VIN

Your paint colors have to be precise if you are handling the paint jobs yourself. Besides using the car information sticker you can also use the vehicle identification number to get the color code. But you need to keep this thing in mind that your VIN is not going to provide you with that color code directly. However, you can acquire the color code for a variety of other platforms using your VIN.

As there have been an array of technological advancements, you can conveniently use different online resources to get the paint code. These resources can also tell you about other information apart from the paint codes.

With the help of your VIN, you can get different information about your car including your paint code. You can also locate the seller of your car and find that paint code. Use your internet to find the car dealership or try finding the contact the customer service through your phone directory to get that color code.

Today most car dealerships have a website so it becomes extremely easy to get in touch with them. Contact the dealership and request them to provide you with the paint code. The dealership’s service department has all such types of information in its record.

But they will ask you regarding your VIN code. With the help of VIN, they can conveniently scan through the piles of information and check your vehicle. Therefore, this might take a few minutes but once they have your vehicle data in access they can’t provide you with all kinds of information.

Importance of VIN

This vehicle identification number is extremely important because it works essentially as a bar code for your car. It’s not just about finding out the paint colors of your vehicle. This code provides you with the color name.

The paint color name code can also tell you all the details about the components that have been used in the development of it including the spare tire, spare tire cover, and other engine components. This information becomes valuable for the car technician during different repair and replacement jobs.

In other words, this VIN code information allows you to make informed decisions and you can find the previous owners of your vehicle with this code. Apart from that, this number can also tell you whether the vehicle is in its genuine color or not.

You can also find out whether the vehicle has had an accident or not. A vehicle that has had an accident always has some mechanical issues. If it doesn’t have any at the present then it may develop some problems pretty soon.

Besides colors, this identification number can also tell you about the entire repair record of your vehicle from the service department. Adequately maintained and repaired is necessary for your vehicle’s optimal function and durability. Therefore, you can scan through the entire repair history of a vehicle right before you buy it.

In addition to colors, this identification number can also tell you whether the vehicle has been recalled by the manufacturer or not. You can always check if any mandatory repairs have taken place.

Besides colors, your VIN is also an important security measure. All law enforcement agencies run VIN checks to identify any stolen vehicles. It means that you are protected from buying a stolen car due to this vehicle identification number. It also helps in recovering the vehicle that gets stolen.

Final Words

If you know the right paint code you will conveniently get rid of any scratches on it by using the exact color code. This unique code is an easy solution for you to find the paint formula variance.

And using your VIN is an easy way to find the paint code. Plus, it is the most accurate and easy way to find it as well. Additionally, you can use your VIN to find other information about your vehicle as well.

Therefore, finding the VIN of your vehicle is crucial but it’s not too complicated. Car manufacturers place this unique code at different places on your vehicle. In most cases, you can find it under your car’s hood, or on the dashboards towards the driver’s side are one of the most common places for this code.

Some vehicles also have this code on the door pillar when you open the driver’s side door jamb. An older car has it on the near the side door jam on the driver side right on the front end frame.

If you need to find this code on your vehicle then it will always be there on your vehicle’s documentation. These include the vehicle certification label, certification of title, the certification of registration, automobile insurance papers as well as car repair records. Therefore, finding the VIN of your vehicle isn’t that difficult.

Once you have this information you can provide it to your car dealer and know everything about your car including its paint code.

For reference, you can have a look at this video to find the VIN code of your vehicle.


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