What Does TLC for a Car Mean?

What Does TLC for a Car Mean?

TLC is an abbreviated term for “Tender Loving Care’. It refers to the care and attention given to a person in need of having their spirits lifted. However, for an object said to be needing TLC, it is in a deteriorated condition and needs repairs.

The most used vehicles for traveling are cars as you’ll see them flooded on the streets. It is because of the convenience of traveling in a car that everybody loves.

However, some people are deprived of that comfort and convenience, not because they don’t own one. It is solely because their car needs TLC. So many of you would have heard this phrase but don’t probably know what it means.

When you see an ad that says a car needs TLC, this comment is aimed at the deteriorated condition of the car. Surely, it needs serious work on it when it gets comments like these. The ad is trying to communicate that the previous owner had kept it in a rough condition.

Also, it sends a message that the new buyer will have to invest in its repair. This statement tells that the car has been neglected for care and attention. However, if the car has been treated with TLC, the previous owner kept its quality and condition preserved.

What is a TLC on a car?

A car you own is your asset and a dear possession that looks better when well-maintained. Also, buying a car takes a handful of investors. Spending only small portions of your income on your car to save yourself from a hefty amount, later on is a wise idea.

The brake pads and more parts like these are significant to ensure tender loving care for your car. Here, you have a few reasons why car TLC is vital.

Extend the Life of your Vehicle

Taking care of the tiny issues of your car by following regular checks helps. As you go out on long journeys, you want to enjoy the ride by keeping it fun and hassle-free. However, your car breaking down halfway is not fun at all. This is what happens when you don’t give your car TLC.

Performing frequent checks prevents costly repairs on your car. They protect the engine, cooling system, tires, transmission systems, and other components inside. Also, doing so minimizes the chances of depreciation while ensuring it remains fresh for a long.

Ensure safety

It would be awful to have your car breakdown on a silent road, especially at night. Such a danger is what you need to be wary of when you are out for a drive. Being marooned on such a road can end up tragically as well.

And so, you have to make sure you are safe from experiencing such a situation by looking after your car’s maintenance. Doing so, you will have the probability of a car breakdown eliminated. Also, it will allow you to enjoy your journey without hindrances.

You will have to check the tire treads and their air pressure for a strong grip. It will not only keep you safe but comfortable as well.

Save the repair costs.

Giving your car timely checks won’t cost you as much as fixing a big problem would. When the petty issues aren’t looked after, they intensify. It is when you skip the maintenance of your car that the minor problems aggravate. In this scenario, these problems cause bigger damage.

Consequently, you end up paying more than what you thought to pay. The main components of your car, including the engine, brake, and more, don’t fail without a strong reason. When you check your car regularly, you will be well aware of its specifications.

You will see where it is creating cracks, leakages, and extra wear and tear because of friction. Fixing the problem as it comes involves only a single faulty component being affected. Before it affects the rest of the parts, taking your car for some tests is the way out.

Precisely, maintaining your vehicle enhances the life of your engine and requires no replacement for it. Therefore, a robust engine allows the vehicle to function perfectly without asking for expenditure on the repair.

How to look after TLC for cars?

Setting a day in a week is important to keep a close check on each part of the car’s body. Checking the brake pads, and steering wheel are all mandatory for cars. However, there is more you need to examine before taking your car on the road. And so, something you need to add to your list of checks is present here as follows.

Checking the tires and fluids

Inspecting the tire pressure of your car is the most basic element of car maintenance. It helps decrease the wear and tear on the tires. Also, checking the tires and keeping them well-maintained gets you good mileage as well.

During this process of checking the tires, you have to look for certain things closely. This includes the recommended pressure, inspecting the PSI, and inflatability. This is to ensure driving safely, even on a bumpy road.

If you don’t look after your tires properly, a flat tire will make you regret it for a long. It starts losing its shape and functionality if you don’t take care of it. And so, rotate your tires every 5000 to 10000 miles and look at the tire recalls closely.

Check the fluids in your car sometimes as they require to be maintained at adequate levels. This is to ensure that your car runs smoothly.

These fluids include engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. The different colors of these fluids help you identify them in case of leakage starts.

Change the oil and air filter.

Check the oil of your car every month or as mentioned in your car manual. There are parts of your car that require some more love, care, and time. You can either do it yourself or take your car to the service center for it.

If you opt for the former, it is necessary to be well aware of this process’s steps. These steps will involve draining the fluid and setting an adequate oil level. Further, it will include getting rid of the old oil properly as well.

Also, it is vital to know what kind of oil is the most appropriate for your car. This choice depends on the viscosity of the oil and the car’s mileage. Additionally, it is important to know if it needs synthetic or non-synthetic oil. To see how to do so, here’s a video clip for some guidance.

It is immensely important to change the engine air filter in your car. This is because a dirty one allows easy access for harmful particulates to enter the car engine. When this happens, it hinders the performance markedly.

This needs to be done at least once a year to keep your car running smoothly. Watch this video to get a little on how to change the engine air filter. It will make you give your car proper care and investment of money. People who take care of these things enjoy their TLC cars nicely.

Final Word

Car TLC holds as much importance as TLC for humans. Henceforth, maintaining your car is crucial for an attractive look and functionality. In this article, you will get an in-depth understanding of why you need to take care of your car.

You need to take proper care of all the parts in your car to ensure that they are working fine. This car TLC is what you do to show your love and care towards it.

You have to invest money in something as important as TLC. This includes looking after its brake pads and engine air filter, and more parts of the car. Finally, it is imperative not to neglect your car and give it proper time and care.

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