Cheapest place to turn rotors

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Turn Rotors and How Do I Get There?

Turning rotors is a part of your regular maintenance schedule that increases the longevity of your brakes. If you do not regularly rotate your rotors, you will need to replace brake pads more often. Through regular rotation and replacement, you will avoid running into large car issues.

If you want to get your rotors turned, the cost is a major consideration. The cheapest place to turn your rotors is O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, although not every store offers this service. Alternate options include Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, and AutoZone. Some groups will suggest replacement of the rotors, which can sometimes be more cost-effective.

Below, we will get into a standard cost you can expect when turning or replacing rotors. We will also get into the opportunity cost should you decide to forget this maintenance step.

What Does A Brake Rotor Do For My Car?

A brake rotor is a disc used in your brake assembly that works alongside your pads to stop your car. When your pads press against your brake rotor, the friction created causes your vehicle to stop.

When rotor turning, it allows your car to varying the location it puts the most pressure on. That means when you mash down on your brake pedal, you aren’t affecting one location all the time. With rotor turning, you affect multiple locations, increasing the longevity of your car so you can spend less time worrying about needing new pads.

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Rotors On Car?

A brake rotor needs replacing at seventy thousand miles. However, you will need to replace rotors and brake-pads more often if you drive like a maniac. Your local auto parts store will tell you that your rotors aren’t causing enough friction, giving them cause for replacement.

How Often Do You Need Your Brake Rotors Turned?

Rotor turning should be done after every second brake pad change. That means that you will be replacing brake pads more often than you need to rotate your rotors. Provided that you keep a close eye on your maintenance checklist, it will be easy for you to track how often you need to change your car’s rotors.

Cost Of Rotor Replacement?

Below is a table that includes the standard cost of replacing rotors (or rotor turning) with and without labor.

With Labor Without Labor
Turning rotors $100 (or $25 per rotor) N/A
Replacing rotors $200 $80 (for four rotors)
Replacing four brake pads and four rotors $300 $180 (Including four rotors and brake pads)

New pads by themselves cost around $25 each, but this will depend on the brake pad brand you use. Repair centers will typically provide you a couple of options so you can determine your best option.

Where To Get Rotors Turned Or Buy New Rotors?

The most common location you get your new rotors is any brake centers or auto shops. You can also perform rotor turning in your backyard if you happen to be an experienced mechanic with the right tools. Mechanics will also charge you one price per rotor.

Can You Turn Rotors Yourself?

Rotor turning requires you to have an understanding of the brake system and specialized tools. As a result, you cannot turn your rotors without a technical device. If you are a mechanic, you are an exception to this rule.

Should I Replace All Four Rotors? Yes, when you have to replace your rotors, you need to replace all of them. Doing so ensures that you have even braking, and they don’t wear out at different times. Follow your auto shop’s opinion in this case, as it is sound advice.

Does AutoZone Replace or Rotate Rotors?

Like an O’Reilly Auto Parts shop, AutoZone may offer to replace your brake rotors if they have a mechanic’s service in the back. Many auto parts stores are built-in with mechanic shops in larger cities, as the two work together.

How Much Does It Cost To Turn Rotors At AutoZone?

AutoZone can charge up to $25 per rotor for this service but often suggest a total replacement citing cost-effectiveness. Given that rotors typically last around fifty thousand miles, get a second opinion from another mechanic if they make this suggestion.

Can You Replace Your Rotors And Brake Pads?

Yes, you can replace your rotors and brake pads as a DIY project. If you have mechanical talent, this option will easily save you the most money. The majority of any part replacement is typically labor.

If you have never replaced your rotors and brake pads, call your mechanic friend to get some assistance. Otherwise, you can check out the video for more guidance.

What Is Rotor Resurfacing?

If your rotors are in poor condition, you may not need to replace them. If there are no apparent cracks or damage, try and start by resurfacing your rotors.

Resurfacing is the process of cleaning off the surface of your rotors. That ensures that any buildup of grease or other material will not prevent your brake pads from locking on.

How Do You Resurface the Brake Rotors?

  1. Prop your vehicle up using a jack or a ramp
  2. Remove the wheels and the rims on the inside
  3. Place your rims and rotors onto a large clamp to hold it down
  4. Set your sander to medium or low intensity
  5. Sand down until your surface is clean

Given that rotors require a minimum thickness to work, you will want to be careful not to sand it down too much.

How Do You Find Out The Minimum Operational Thickness Of Your Rotor? The minimum operational thickness of your rotor is on the side. Turn your rotor over and look at the thin sheet of metal there. Typically, the minimum thickness is around .002 inches.

What Is The Cost To Resurface Rotors?

It typically costs around $10 to $15 to resurface rotors in most auto parts stores. After enough resurfacing jobs, it will be more cost-effective to buy new rotors.

If you wish to purchase a sander, this project’s cost can go up to around $50. However, that $50 is an investment you can use for other projects.

What Is Cheaper – Resurfacing Or Replacing?

Considering short-term costs, resurfacing is somewhat cheaper when replacing your rotors. However, rotors do not typically cost too much, so the difference may be around $10.

In most cases, you will want to consider a replacement. Replacing is far safer as it is always safer to have new brake rotors. Would you feel safe if you had used brake pads?


When it comes to finding the cheapest place to turn rotors, your best bet is to look for a local O’Reilly Auto Parts Store. Those who have the mechanics section can handle any rotor job and typically expand that out to include any brake job.

When replacing the rotors on your car, it is your opportunity to try and take care of as many jobs as possible. By doing this, you increase the need to have to take off and put on parts that are in the way multiple times.

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