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What Does VDC Off Mean In My Nissan Vehicle?

Anytime you see the VDC light come on in your vehicle, it can be a frustrating scenario. Without knowing what this indicator light could mean, you may be wondering if you have to make an expensive repair. So, what does VDC Off mean on your Nissan vehicle? 

VDC, otherwise known as Vehicle Dynamic Control, turns on when the VDC stability control system is disengaged. As Nissan’s unique traction control system, this works to control your vehicle’s stability should something go awry. It is typically a sign that you are dealing with poor driving conditions. 

In the rest of this article, we will detail what could cause your VDC system to stay activated. We will also inform you of what you need to do to take care of your vehicle and how you can access the VDC off switch. 

What Does The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) System Do?

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The vehicle dynamic control system prevents your vehicle from slipping during poor road conditions. The VDC puts your driver inputs in check, ensuring that the vehicle’s motion is kept under control on rough or icy terrain.

Expect the following if your VDC is on:

Your VDC System Causes A Reduction of Engine Power

First, your VDC causes a reduction of power in your engine. This prevents you from hitting your accelerator too hard, preventing you from putting too much power into moving forward. With too much engine speed, you will more easily fly off the road.

The VDC Controls Your Braking System So Your Wheels Don’t Slip.

If you have ever driven on icy road conditions, you know that hitting the brakes too hard will cause you to fly into the vehicle in front of you. The VDC ensures that your brakes are controlled during certain driving situations, ensuring you won’t have wheel spin beneath you. 

VDC Prevents Your Vehicle From Steering Too Hard

Control of your vehicle is paramount with the VDC system on. So when you have it activated, it prevents your car from oversteering or understeering in dangerous driving conditions. Whether you have been in a Nissan Altima or a Pathfinder (where it is known as SLIP), you should feel comfortable with it on. 

Is VDC The Same As Traction Control?

Yes. The vehicle dynamic control system is Nissan’s unique name for traction control. The two are interchangeable, so you may find a mechanic referring to your VDC as a traction control system. 

How Do I Turn The VDC System Off? 

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Look along the dash to see a button that looks like a vehicle swerving along a curvy road. You can flip the switch typically by pressing down on the button. Once the indicator light is on the dashboard, you know that the VDC system is off.

Is it Safe to Drive With the VDC Off Light On?

While your vehicle won’t immediately break down after 20 minutes of driving, the VDC system prevents your car from slipping. That means if you drive with this indicator light on, you are more likely to get into a vehicle accident. 

When Should I Turn The VDC System Off?

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The only time you should turn off your VDC system is if you are stuck in the mud. Limited engine output will prevent your vehicle from pulling itself out of the soil. So flip the switch if you want the engine power needed to get out of these situations. 

How To Turn Off The VDC Light on a Nissan Pathfinder

Check out this video below if you want to know how to turn off your indicator light on a Pathfinder:

You will find the same process on a Nissan Altima, Nissan Murano, or other types of Nissan vehicles.

Where is the VDC Button on Infiniti? 

The VDC button on a Nissan Infiniti is typically above the key fob slot on your vehicle. It will have the same appearance as any other VDC button. 

How Do I Tell If My Vehicle Dynamic Control System Is Malfunctioning? 

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If your VDC Off light won’t turn off, that means you may have a malfunctioning vehicle. You will want to locate a code reader (otherwise known as an OBD reader) to determine where the error could occur. 

If you have already tried to turn off the VDC system with the dashboard switch, it may be one of the following issues:

  • Issues with your ABS
  • Sensors in your steering wheel
  • Sensors on your wheels for speed

What If The VDC Light Is Off And Won’t Come Back On?

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If your VDC light stays off and isn’t coming back on, that means you need to service your vehicle. Start by checking out the fuses to be sure that none of your dash lights has blown. Once you determine that your fuse system is working correctly, bring it to a mechanic. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A VDC System?

A vehicle dynamic control can cost up to $1600 to repair. However, the switch is just as likely to be busted, which can only cost about $80 to repair.  

To prevent someone from ripping you off, try and see if you can remove the VDC system switch. Test the inside of the button using a multimeter, just as you would test your starter. You know your VDC system is working if you receive a minor electric charge. Be sure that you turn off your engine as you run this test.


vdc off

When the VDC off indicator light is on, that means you may have accidentally pressed it, or there is an error in the vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system. Whatever may be the cause, it is not wise to ignore this warning light from your vehicle. 

The first step to check your vehicle is to press the VDC off switch. If the indicator light doesn’t turn off at this point, turn the entire car off. After about 30 seconds, the VDC light should be off again. If it is still on, call an auto technician.

If your light doesn’t turn on, that is a sign of another error that typically comes from your steering wheel or tire speed sensors. In either case, you should have control over your VDC system. If you don’t, you need to see a specialist.

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  1. Hi my Nissan Rogue 2014 rpm is going up and down and the track sensor signal on and the car stop well like I push the brake.i change the tps front right and left But the track sensor still came

  2. I don’t understand. If the vdc light is on does that mean the system is off, or vice versa? If it’s off, does that mean it’s working o.k ? Should the light normally be on or off to give the right peace of mind? Thank you. Like many other things about the Altima, it is confusing as to just what the manufacturer is trying to convey.

  3. Weve had our maxima 2004 to the mechanics for vdc light wont go off .3xtimes over 400 dollars later and its still not fixed .They said it could be a 100 things last time we tried to get it fixed.Should of just taken it to a good auto electrician .but finding one is another story.

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